Paul Newrick

Paul Newrick



Mr. Newrick has been involved in the commercial aviation industry, with a focus on financing and leasing activities for over 40 years. He co-founded Altavair in 2003 and is responsible for the overall strategy and management of its affiliate, Altavair (UK) Limited, along with being the Head of Aircraft Trading & Portfolio Management. Prior to Altavair, Mr. Newrick worked with Mr. Rimmer in the formation of XS Aviation Limited in 2000. Before that, Mr. Newrick founded the aircraft investment management company Xavian Limited in 1998, and during the prior decade, he held senior management positions at several banks specializing in aviation finance, including Industrial Bank of Japan, Ltd., Svenska Finans, and HypoBank International S.A., having started in the banking sector with Security Pacific National Bank. He commenced his career in aviation as an undergraduate apprentice in Aeronautical Engineering with British Aerospace in Filton from 1979 to 1988, during which time he worked extensively within the ongoing Concorde program and completed his honors degree at Bristol University.

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